Monday, May 13, 2013


music by Orangy

This is the first email I have sent out since the Holidays 2011! Thank you so much for your support over these past 14 months. I am grateful for every product inquiry, Tweet, Facebook  or blog comment, every email just to see how I'm doing or share your own experience. Things are still not so normal, but I am SO happy to be making things again. I made a new website. and  the shop is open!  Be sure to check out the intro video I made with music from Orangy!

One more thing- with all this new must come a new Facebook page. Please do join me there for exclusive updates, sales, and promotions. Once you like the page you can access a magic message to receive a special gift (while supplies last- I do have quite a few) upon your purchase. It's pretty tricky starting up again after being gone so long, so any sharing, blogging, tweeting, etc. you'd like to do to help get the word out would be so, so helpful and appreciated. But first, be sure to score what you're after! Quantities and custom orders are limited right now! ;-)

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