Monday, December 04, 2006

Ok my word I seriously cannot use Ebay! It frustrates me so much! haha for believe it or not, the first time, I bid on my own today. Before I would give a limit and ask my boyfriend if he could do it. I just can't take the stress..I'd rather he tell me later if i won or not haha. So today, I lost in the last 5 seconds by a dollar! haha I seriously can't handle it hahah so frustrating. Makes me like Etsy even more! No stress! haha. sigh.

I tried to win these vintage angels for my mom for xmas..something that would be passed down, no doubt..

Sigh. So cute. I really love them. I guess we could make some that are similar since it will be near impossible to find them again..ach! haha

I guess I'm much better with thrift stores and flea markets. :)

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