Thursday, January 04, 2007

By accident I recently discovered that a remake of The Little Fugitive has been made. This is a film that I really love..and I must admit, I am more than often not a fan of remakes. I love this film because it is a sweet and simple story. It's as if you are a child tagging along with Lenny as he wanders through Coney Island. The remake is loosely based..and at first that upset me..I guess I see things fairly black and white in this sense- I tend to think that when remaking a film you should update it but still have the same story..if you're going to have it 'loosely based' why not make a whole new movie, with your own title, and make note of the inspirations which the original gave you. Note I said to make a whole new movie, not to rip off the old one. ....But really, I am actually very wishy washy and what it all comes down to is that I watch old movies and not new ones and I wish more people watched old ones- or would at least recognize and watch the original versions at least once. Also I have been up since 5am and I am very, very tired.

And after skimming through the website for the remake, I think I will watch the new version when it is available..and maybe I will like it. I'll for sure let you know once I see it haha.

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you the trailer from the 1953 original:

And now I'm off to watch a new episode of Ugly Betty...

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