Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well James is still sick and it looks like tomorrow he will make a trip to see the doctor. I wasn't feeling too well today but I think it was all due to an empty stomach and too hot of a shower. Still, my energy level feels low.. knocking on wood.

Been to the grocery store almost 4 days in a row and managed to forget something each time. Noticed that when I'm alone in the city and I use the self-checkout, I get nervous and worry that I'm taking too long or something. I feel much more comfortable when I'm in the suburbs because I noticed a lot of people are still getting used to the self-checkouts haha.

I've been meaning to post these..Here are some custom banners I've done over the months..

This Hooray banner was for Amanda. She first purchased one from me at the Renegade fair, but ended up giving it away as a baby gift. She ordered another for her original intentions, her office. She is lucky enough to work at home and has created quite a comfy space for herself.

I posted this one before...but later I was sent photos of Charlotte and her room..

And above is the very adorable Charlotte herself! And what a cute room..check out that chandelier!

...These photos that people send back to me really make my day...

Below is a "Peace on Earth" banner I finished right before Xmas..I was rushed to get a photo and they didn't turn out very well at all, sadly... But the banner itself I really really had a nice homemade vintage Christmas feel to it..used some pipecleaner for a trim..glittered the felt letters..put a cluster of jingle bells inbetween each word..and I was really pleased with the fabrics I gathered..the white fabric has this great embroidered detail with tiny mirrors.

Hope you all had a nice new year and that 2007 is so far unfolding nicely for you.

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