Tuesday, March 13, 2007

As you know, I've been helping my mom out a lot with computer/internet related things- and she's come a long way! haha.. I'd say she's about 75% independent now. Often, when I get back to the suburbs, we stop into a newly opened antique store. At times it's borderline thrift store, at non-thrift store prices, but it's still an enjoyable time. As a token for all of my assistance, my mom let me pick these two pieces out:


I love this little lady. Pretty sure she was intended to be a vase.. I currently don't even own a pin cushion, so her not so little beret-ish puff will be appreciated.


This reminds me of the flower shops I would set up with my Playmobil toys as a kid... Oh how I love Playmobil... But yes, Paris, flowers, great colors, all on a miniature scale enclosed in a case, how could I not fall in love?


  1. Great finds...and I loved playmobile too!

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  3. How fun to shop with your Mom. I love the little Parisian Flower shop...you are right, what's not to love??



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