Sunday, March 18, 2007


I got these fancy ladies a year or so ago. Kinda not sure where they are at the moment, but I know they're around. As you may have noticed, they only cost 88 cents for the whole gang haha. Does your thrift store ever seem to have issues with marking prices? All too often I have run into great finds that are ruined by a permanent marker!! It's very frustrating.

Last night we caught the 11:40 showing of Inland Empire at the Music Box. It wasn't that great at all. Way too long..didn't offer much to hold your interest on. I've found that there are parts about David Lynch's films that I like a lot, but really, I guess I'm mostly a fan of Twin Peaks, for better or worse. I did and do like the- let's call it theme song of the film, "The Ghost of Love". It's performed by David Lynch which just amuses me..although he's done soundtrack work before.. The soundtrack however only offers 45 seconds worth of the song. Don't ask me why. ...James had a birthday on March 2nd..I gave him some of Mr. Lynch's coffee, and it was pretty good.

Ramble ramble ramble..

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  1. Those are FABULOUS. Amazing. I am so jealous.


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