Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So yes, as I said, things have been hectic. I made the decision to move back home, with my parents and brother in the suburbs. It was a HARD choice, but it will be a good one because it will allow me save money and have more time to work on projects- and let me tell you, I have a LOT of ideas! I'm planning on heading back to the city/old apartment to be with James on weekends, and I'm sure he'll be out here a few days during the week. It's strange to be back here..I just have to concentrate on what I want to get done..

Most of the larger/tough things have been moved from the city and set up in my old room. I've been spending my free time sifting through old papers and ramdom objects from elementary school - high school...and throwing a lot of nonsense away. I am a pack-rat. ..but I think i'm getting better! I am donating and throwing away a lot. and it feels nice.

I requested a playmobile catalog via their website and it came like 3 days later! Can you believe that?? I've signed up for catalogs at other places and it will be months before I see anything in my mailbox.
How cute are these:


Look at that mushroom house/school! And they are learning their first lesson, a very important one about little foxes and their paws!


Look they got one of those..things..what are they called? A German tradition, the cone is filled with gifts for their first day of school..


This one just looks like a lot of fun..I LOVE that it has a treehouse!


  1. Hi! I found you through your Mom's blog. I love the banners you made on her site - how do we get one? Also, love the playmobile photos. What cute items.

  2. Thanks so much, Karla! I'm working on getting some up in my Etsy shop - - as soon as I can! So I guess be on the look out, or if you'd like I could email you..I'm thinking of setting up a mailing list..just have to work out the details..

    And yeah, Playmobil never fails! :)


  3. This is what I've been picking up all over the front hall floor!!!
    We love Playmobil :)

  4. I found your blog from your Mom's blog too! You could sell your banners on Etsy! They are so great! Also, I used to try and set my Fisher Price people and their houses up like the catalogs showed, and they never looked the same! (we liked Paymobil but my Mom never bought them!) Thanks for the good memories! :)

  5. Anything tiny is automatically cute overload. Why is that?

    Saving money is good, but dont make the mistake of spending more because it cost less to live there...we have all made that mistake.


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