Thursday, March 08, 2007

I responded to comments that were left! haha..I just don't's no fun not knowing if people see your response to their comment. So I'm telling you here haha.

Tonight James and I went to eat at Kuma's Corner. We tried to go a week ago but it was quite busy, and it's a small neighborhood type bar. They specialize in burgers, and each one is named after a metal band, the sort that you've probably heard of no matter if you're a fan of the music or not haha. I had the Kaijo- bleu cheese, bacon, and fried onions. I'm a big fan of bleu cheese. It wasn't the best bleu cheese burger I've had (it was a little dry) but it was still good. James had the Motorhead burger looked very tasty- goat cheese, kalamata olives, oregano, tzatziki, onion, and tomato. I think I'll get that next time. The staff was friendly and the beer was good, of course. It was a nice night with James.

I finally found some information on this piece I saw featured in a Brazillian magazine months ago..

dollarnote-robert gligorov2

dollarnote-robert gligorov1

I just think it's so pretty. Birds land on the stems and thus press down on a key. So delicate. The piece is called Dollar Note and the artist is Robert Gligorov. From what little I could find, the rest of his work seems to be quite different from this piece..and not so much my cup of tea, personally.

Time to sleep!

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  1. I love this exhibit you posted. So delicate and with perfection. I wish I could be there to witness it live.

    Everything on your blog is so pretty. I feel like a giant intrusive dirty villan...trying to sneak into a fairy party. I LOVE IT.


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