Friday, March 02, 2007

Well I am greatly disappointed that Etsy is no longer allowing vintage items. I had no idea at all, either. I hate that they don't announce these things on their front page or even send out an email. I'm sorry but I don't read their blog or visit the forums.
Not sure what avenue I'll take now.. Of course I'll still use Etsy for my handmade things, but I really liked selling vintage as well..and Etsy allowed for great connections. Ugh I'm so disappointed.


  1. (I just sent you a flickr mail about this too!)

    But, ugh....yeah. I'm still pouting about all of this. And it is VERY wrong that they didn't inform everyone properly. I was lucky to check the blog that day. And the forums are so crazy right now, I put in my two-cents over there, but I try to avoid it usually. I hope that they will allow supply sales...they are still debating that one. So many great shops will have to close! I am glad you are still staying! (We should start out own vintage site....we don't need them!)

  2. haha I'll respond to the flickr message too then..

    Yeah I only found out because I was listing something and was confused why the vintage category was MIA..that evening I got to thinking and wandered to the blog and figured out the news. I was so mad. Not to mention I just got these really great finds and was only delayed because I had to take my camera in to be fixed. Sigh.

    The forums are mostly insane! It was my first time exploring them.. Did you hear/read about..I guess some vintage sellers had been receiving angry letters from other sellers telling them to close their shop- that they didn't belong! Can you imagine? What a totally crazy and pointless thing to do!

    It would be nice if the Etsy people started a spin-off site for vintage only.

    Ok now I'm heading to flickr... haha

  3. I had no idea...thanks for the heads up!!! So glad I found your blog. I found it through your mom. It's wonderful!! Your work is amazing:)

  4. I just found your blog and it's absolutely adorable! All of your wonderful projects and pictures are so inspiring!

  5. artsymama- thanks for all of the wonderful comments & compliments you've left! it was a great surprise. :)

    Jennaleejackson- thank you so much as well! i'm so glad people are finding and enjoying this space. it's very exciting to me!


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