Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Added a few new things to the shop!

I can have 5 bad hair days in a row, but when I've finally had it, when I finally decide to get it cut and/or colored, I'll have a great hair day. Every time! Still, I ignore my mop's attempt to apologize and head to the hair dresser. Today I went to Great Clips. I think the last time I had my hair cut and colored was before Christmas. I went to Mario Tricoci (I don't get my hair highlighted all that often, but when I do, I usually end up going there). Anyway, it as NOT an enjoyable experience. My color girl didn't really listen all too well and for whatever reason my highlights faded much faster than usual. I had this guy cut my hair who was like having a silent fit over my hair being long and thick. And I'm sorry but I can't stand when hair dressers are like, "So do you ever straighten your hair." Because I say, "No not really," and it always leaves them dumbfounded. Why is curly or wavy hair such a SIN to them??? And my hair isn't even THAT curly. So what did he end up doing? Straightening it. I don't look good with straight-straight hair. So I come out with my hair like plastered to me and I'm not feeling all too attractive so I'm avoiding eye contact and it's time to pay and I'm being helped by this guy who wasn't much older than me but had a huge attitude and a dated hipster hairstyle. I somehow misheard the total and therefor wrote a check with a significantly low tip. He gave me attitude and I was confused and somehow I figured it all out and had to ask if I could change the check and he was like "Huh. I al-ready put it through." Thank goodness I had cash on me for once. It was just annoying and I didn't feel pampered like one should haha.

So I have to say that my experience at Great Clips was just right. I'm not much of a talker at the salon, and Great Clips is ok with that. The girl gave me bangs and I'm pretty happy with them. I haven't had bangs since I was in like 3rd grade. Maybe I'll post a photo soon.

Any interesting hair experiences on your end?

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  1. I recently got some bangs (Christmas) and it the greatest choice I have made in a long time...I also died my hair almost black...which looks super cool, but now I think I am going back to a more Sara Jessica Parker half n half, which is more my natural. You what I mean?

    Great Clips can be great when you find someone there who can actually do hair, and there are some out there. I have had like 1 month of bad hair, so I am getting in done on Saturday. Lucky for me, I have someone in the family that charges the world a million dollars...but me nada mucho.

    Long post....but I sincerely feel your pain as do all women.

    PS Curly/Slightly wavey hair is IT. I lust for it. I will be sad in AZ without humidity to make it look like I just got out of the ocean.


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