Monday, April 02, 2007

The other day there was a sweet little feature on my Mom and I on the Funky Finds blog. Another wonderful surprise! My mom is making such neat things, I am very proud of her hahah.

One of the hardest parts about moving back home is that I don't have a whole apartment to spread out my things and make things look nice. It's really hard cramming all my things into my room, and I won't be able to use some things I love.. Things like my vintage lamps (I have about 5 or so that I love, but I only need one in my room haha), my crewelwork rug (doesn't work well with carpeting, and totally clashes in a bad way with my room here).. I like to decorate. The worst part about all of this however is that I didn't even give myself the chance to do this while I was out of my parents' house. The closest I got was when I first moved in with was a tiny apartment but he let me have a room of my own for my projects (very, very nice of him)..I was able to get curtains up and a ton of vintage pictures and things, but somehow I never really got a photo of it all! After that apartment I moved in with a friend and had a fairly large bedroom but I was so busy working and going back and forth to James' and my parents' that I never even fully unpacked! That is NOT a fun feeling. At the last place, our current place, I moved in just in time to begin nonstop work for the Renegade fair and man did that create a mess upon mess upon mess. Also not a fun feeling. It's hard to keep things clean and organized while working full time and then trying to work on creative projects.


That is a little section of my old room at the second apartment. That only gives you a small idea of the mess :-/

So! Now that I am home-home I have to get organized! I am so excited to begin work on new projects but it is so important that I get things the way they should be before I begin. It is HARD haha. I hate cleaning/organizing.

Also do people sell things on ebay like old issues of magazines? Even regular ones like W or Vogue USA? I feel weird just putting them in the recycling.. If anyone of you want them you can have them but just pay for shipping charges I guess. haha I dunno, just thought I'd ask..

Hope you all had a nice weekend and a wonderful April Fools Day! Did you pull any good pranks?


  1. Ugh...moving, cleaning, organizing...NOT my favorite things! But, we may be moving soon too (though not far) and I am in desperate need of organization. My studio is just a disaster pretty much all the time. So, good luck to us both...were gonna need it! And, congrats to you and your mom's shop success!!! So cool that you guys are both doing that sort of thing! I'm trying to get my mom to open an etsy shop too, she has the name picked out and everything! Eventually......

  2. Post magazines on Ebay...people will buy them. I am moving again too as you know, I feel the same way about never getting to decorate, etc.

    Good Luck honey...


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