Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pretty busy over here. Back and forths to the post office, trying to get organized (as usual), having a gazillion project ideas clouding my head, quick trips to the city to help boost spirits, and a bit of cold rainy weather. I wanted to post these recent thrift finds. It was one of those trips where you keep finding things that probably belonged to the same person- I always get a kick out of that.


Vintage tray wiiiith fold out stand. I love it. These mugs are kinda dark for what I'm used to, but I love that they remind me of a diner and how the scallop detail softens them. They are a bit petite too which adds appeal. I'm excited to mix them with patterns.


Melamine plates!! Always a great thing to have on hand. I was so excited to find these. And the glasses have a really great floral pattern I couldn't resist. I think I got 8 which was a huge score especially since James is notorious for breaking my glasses.. I'm keeping them here for a while though haha.

Empty recipe binder in perfect shape. I'll probably use for business things.


Naturally some pink for good measure. So cute and so small. I love this.

Ok back to work.

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  1. great finds, and i love the little scalloped detail on the cups!


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