Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This post is inspired by Faith, because I think she will really get a kick out of this..

These photos were taken maybe a year and a half ago? It was a while ago..but I'm sure it's still there.. I laughed so hard when I found this..I really could not believe it.




The main sign reads: I GOT 99 PROBLEMS 4 Shizzle
The side of the building reads: "DON'T HATE" CHUUURCH!!! OH YEAH 4 SHIZZLE

hahaahhah seriously. So funny. I wonder if it really attracts youth because of these terms, or just the humor?

Ok now the craziest part:


It's located right next to a place called 2B Naughty! HA. That's a city for you haha.
Feel free to click on the photos for larger views.. It can be found in Chicago on Roosevelt just east of Austin, 4 blocks west of Central.


  1. OMG, those photos are excellent!

  2. fan-freaking-tastic. I would so go to church there. 4 shizzle.

  3. I have been in Mexico and could not post on your site from the resort computer for some reason. Anyway, this made my MONTH. I was so happy when you posted this, I almost passed out. This is amazing. THANK YOU!


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