Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I went to Barnes and Noble tonight.. got Selvege and the UK Elle Decoration. Have you ever had TWO people cut in front of you in line, with the cashier's subtle approval???? I am so annoyed, STILL. I know, I know grudges are bad. It's so bad I don't even want to LOOK at the magazines hahah. UGH. It was just so disrespectful and I am NEVER mean = I didn't even say hi to the cashier when she addressed me. SIGH. And I feel guilty for getting upset, or even just FEELING upset because she possibly didn't even realize I was upset.

I'm seriously considering switching to Typepad- only because I really love how you can reply directly to a comment. It makes things more fun, at least I think. I feel weird when people say something and I can't really get back to them.
So- can you tell me the pros and cons? I'd really, really love input. Why doesn't blogger have this feature?


  1. you have to pay for typepad and I am cheap, so I won't do it. Not right now, anyway. wordpress has that feature (I think) and is free.

  2. I like typepad....I wish it was free, but I pay like $7 a month so it ain't that bad. If you are all computer-fancy you can upgrade to the pro account and make it super-html-fancy.....but I don't have those kinda skills!

    One cool thing is that you get unlimited blogs, and you can actually make one a shop and add pay pal buttons and all and it functions like a real-deal website. I'm working on mine now....I have high hopes it will turn out!


Thanks for your comments! I try to always respond.

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