Friday, May 04, 2007

I went a little overboard in the accessories isle at Target earlier this week..


You can enlarge it to get a better view. I couldn't help it. Enamel jewelry that isn't vintage, I wanted to buy it just to say thanks. Thanks target for always keeping a pretty good pace with trends. Thanks target for being afforable and thus still giving me the satisfaction of a good score. I'm going to add something to the necklace, maybe some beads or pearls throughout. I couldn't decide betweenthe two oval earings. They are similar, yet so different! The braclet is like a faux leather braided with a silver chain that makes it look feminine and delicate.

In other Target news, via Oh Joy, I am so, so, so excited to hear that Temperley is going to do a line for Go International.


  1. i'm really excited about temperley too!

  2. Target is bomb diggity. Ever hear Dane Cook to his bit on being cut at Walgreens? So classic.

    Hope all is well hon'.


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