Friday, May 11, 2007

Since I've moved back from the city, I've tried many times to get my bedroom in order here. It's hard when you move from a huge apartment to a regular size room. I have a lot of STUFF. A lot of cool stuff, too. But nowhere to put it. I have so much I want to show you, but not a clean organized space to display it in. I don't know if I should even bother to hang pictures onto the walls because who knows how long I'll be here. My mom and I redid my room in 2002. Here are photos of my room from 2003 haha.

Vintage white chair, an Xmas gift from my parents a few years back. Vintage deer
lamp, a great flea market find. A deck of Vintage cards, sort of something I
collect, I suppose. And that dresser is half of a vanity my Grandma Fraser had.

Actually, here is a much better photo of the white chair..this was
taken last week for the shop update..haha if you're interested in
that really cool letter organizer, you can find it here! I love those
pillows, but they are hard to see..sigh.

That flower print is another favorite flea market find. I love it.

I call this the Girl from Ipanema, naturally haha. Also a flea
market find. The vintage lady vase was from my mom.

My bed! It reminds me of Felicity's bed and a sleeper car haha.

The bed is to the left, and the valance goes all the way to the next wall. This was
designed to give me more closet space haha. The sheer flocked curtain can be
drawn to meet another half way.

So now you have some kinda vague idea of where I am haha. I don't have a photo of my computer/counter set up, which is a really nice thing. It is below the shelf and pictures that I showed you. Things have changed a bit, in the last 4 years haha, hopefully I can get photos.


  1. I'm in love with you're's so dreamy!!!
    (Oh, and the little deer lamp whispered that he wanted to come live with me...really, he told me so... :)

  2. you're room is amazing! love all the little details!


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