Monday, May 21, 2007

Well I had a busy weekend. Saturday James had a special game = his baseball team played in at a park with lights and stadium style seating. It was really very nice. His mom, sister, grandma on his mom's side, and his grandpa on his dad's side, along with my parents, all came to the game! It was a double header (I came with James so I stayed for both), and the weather was perfect even into the evening. There was a lot of good family "embarrassment" for James haha and I'm sure he knows, as well as his teammates, just how much we all love him haha.

Sunday I had to work unexpectedly which was a drag because when I got home I fell asleep and missed my plans with an old friend. I was so tired. Besides getting up very early it probably had to do with sitting in the sun the day before.

Today my bag from Windowsill came. I love it. I plan to post more photos later. She really is a sweet person and that just makes me love the bag even more haha. I'm thrilled!


  1. oh! how cool! i just stopped by to say hi and there was this nice surprise! thank you - you are a sweetheart! i'm so so glad you are loving the bag! xo :)


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