Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some people might consider this annoying, but so far I'm still getting a kick out of it.. An email from TCM:

You are receiving this because you have signed up for the Turner Classic Movies'
Schedule Newsletter.

TCM would like to make you aware of a changes to our May schedule:

Wednesday, May 23rd:
The Alamo (1960) originally schedule for 2:45PM ET will now begin at 2:15 PM ET.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused by these changes.

Thank you for your interest in TCM's film schedule.

TCM Viewer Relations

hahah It's a good thing cos these people would have missed a good 15 min of their movie! Anyway it's kinda
neat/funny to image what their offices are like..buzzing around making programing changes, maybe so they
can fit in another much enjoyed One Reel Wonder.
They also have this great feature on their site that will send you a reminder email of when your selected/favorite movie is going to play. This has come in handy a number of times for me. I just searched for You Can't Take it With You (I want James to see it)..I got super excited cos it is actually playing this Friday as well as June 9...however both days have a showing of 7am our time?? Sigh.

Do you love TCM as much as I do? What is your favorite old movie?

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  1. Run Don't Walk with Cary Grant...
    and I guess It's A Mad, Mad World.
    Let's not forget Doris Day!


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