Sunday, June 17, 2007

Earlier this past week my mom and I stopped at an antique store. It was a cheap vintage jewelry day..



The 60's pink dangle ball earings are mine (they look good both long and short, as shown), and I guess the blue necklace but I told my Mom she can have it if she wants to use it for jewelry..I thought the ring of flowers earrings were mine, but there seems to be some strange confusion. I'll probably change the backs of the earrings to posts, rather than clip-ons - way too painful as clip-ons.


  1. Hey there, I love your blog! It's so colorful and I haven't been able to skip an entry without going "I want that!"

    I love the vintage jewelry, such pretty colors. And I can't believe Target has picked up on that semi-underground enamel jewelry trend.. crazyness.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello!



  2. Hi, Rachel! I'm so glad you are having fun here :)
    Yeah I was so surprised to see those at Target! If you're interested you should get over there quick cos they've been on the shelf for a bit now. I've got you bookmarked :)

  3. so pretty! i love the necklace! clip-ons are so painful OUCH!

  4. they are!! haha i remember i had these fabulously gawdy clip-ons when i was very little..hurt me to death but i loved them so.

  5. I love that blue neclace,and wore clip-ons last night,ouchy-oo-oo!


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