Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Kristin from The Pink Shower Curtain found these great vintage cake toppers and thought of me!! An early birthday mail surprise! It was so incredibly thoughtful and I of course love them. I will for sure be using these on June 23rd haha. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Kristin! I am thrilled with these little guys.

All 27 of the Next Big Thing designers are up! ..Which means I can share another little secret- I have a friend who is also 1 of the 27...Mia Santiago! Neither of us knew we were in it until a couple days ago, after receiving an email from Fred Flare with a list of names haha. It's pretty exciting. You can see her cute design here! The bio's for the last batch aren't up there yet..probably will be by the morning. Did you spot this year's celebrity?

I'm still very excited about all of this. It' s just really cool to see something I made in a shop. Call me a newbie, a newb, hahah but I've still got butterflies.

Thanks again so much for all of your happy comments!!!


  1. I just found your very lovely blog! It's so NICE here! : ) I added you to my list of blogs to visit on my own little blog!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Hi, Marjorie! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! What is your blog? I'd love to see it.


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