Monday, June 04, 2007


How was your weekend? I had just the sort I needed!

Friday, while I was still in the suburbs I saw a funnel cloud!!! Or at least I am 75% sure it was the early workings of a funnel cloud. My Mom saw it also. The clouds were swirling in this little area and then they started to form a point and then go sideways!! It was really scary and exciting. I am both scared and fascinated by tornadoes. When I was really little I thought tornadoes were called tomatoes, and when a few years passed and I got a bit smarter, I thought tornadoes had EYES. Why? Because storms have an 'eye of the storm'..AND because of this little clip from one of my favorite shows growing up:

So yeah, since I thought tornadoes had eyes, I was convinced they caused havoc quite on purpose.

Saturday, after work, I came back to James' where he and his friend from growing-up were hanging out. This friend now lives in Florida. Last May James and I drove down for his wedding as kinda seen here. Anyway,
we went out to a diner together. On our way we made a mistake and went through Wrigleyville. Not my kind, or our kind, of area. Especially on a Saturday night. Total pseudo yuppie fraternity style bar street. Very hard to drive through. Finally made it to the diner and did a lot of laughing. Went to bed in the early A.M. hours (I get out of work really late).

Sunday was a lazy morning and when we finally decided to get up we made an early afternoon trip to the Bleeding Heart Bakery. I'd been wanting to go there for some time now. It was good, but not as good as I'd hoped. It's a vegan bakery, and while I'm not vegan, I can appreciate it. Still, I love a bakery with pretty things and lots of choices and sweets. This one basically had brownies and tea cakes and I don't like brownies. It's a cute shop though and it's close enough where I'm sure we'll go back.

Later Sunday we went with our friends Taylor and Todd to one of my favorite places, Silver Cloud. I love it cos they have a delicious brie burger and mashed potatoes and nice outdoor seating. James ordered wine and it was just a perfect summer evening. Afterward Todd plus James and I went to get some movies and ended up finding the pilot for David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (remember it was intended to be a television show for ABC haha). It actually didn't have too much new footage, but it was still worth it as it's extremely rare (it was video recorded through a tv haha).

So yes, a great weekend. How was yours?


  1. Oh my gosh! Is that from the show "Square One"? Jeez, I haven't seen that in forever, but I totally loved that show!!! Whoa, what a flashback.....

  2. haha yes square one! i hate math but i loved that show haha. my favorite part was at the end, Mathnet haha.


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