Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hey so in honor of the new comment idea as shown in the post below this, I WOULD LIKE TO DECLARE A DELURKING DAY. Well, not that it can only last a day, if you should see this maybe tomorrow or the next day, that would be fine. I just want to get to know you all.

What's in it for you? Well a new friendship AND I will put all of your names into a box and for every 10 people who say hello I will pick 1 name out of the box. The names drawn will receive something special in the mail!


So! Tell me about yourself, how you came across Nice, do you have a blog? What do you love? Where are you from? Anything! I am so excited to learn about you.

Ready? GO!


  1. I just found your blog today and I already forgot how. I like your aesthetic and your vintage shop (and Peter Bjorn & John, too)! ...now I'm the first comment on this post so I feel like a creepy stalker.

  2. fab idea, I need to do a delurking day, too.

  3. i took a break from working (i edit from home out here in the pacific northwest) and did one of those link from a post to another post and found myself here. (i think i started on the adorn blog.)

    love the vintage look, especially the fabrics and now i can't wait to dive into your archives to read more...

    i should do one of these delurking days on my blog...

  4. Hey lady, no delurking here...just sayin' hi, and I have enjoyed your blog for a while now....oh, and LOVE that shop of yours too!

  5. mostly here for the reassuringly well-chosen/designed/made/crafted thinggies and frenzship.

    maybe you will send me something!

    I mean you just never know what will hapen.

  6. Um, hi there!

    I've never posted a comment to a blog before, so I'm feeling a bit shy.... Glad you declared Delurking Day to give me that much-needed push.

    I just started my own craft blog, but it's still at that stage where only my mother and best friend have ever visited (and frankly I'm not 100% sure about my mother), so I'm in great awe of those of you who have robust, active blogs and shops up and running. You may not know it, but there are those of us out there in Lurker-Land who hero-worship you just a bit!

    Though maybe not you, personally, till today, ... but I definitely plan to start visiting regularly. LOVE your style!

    I'm home sick and have spent the entire day in Internet Land, following links from www.delightfulblogs.com. Among others, they led me to a great sort of vintage-y / stylish blog called Love Forever, which had a nice mention of recently discovering your site. Which led me here! Look forward to getting to "know" you more in coming months.... All the best to you.

  7. hi NICE !
    Lurking sounds like a dirty word. I'd rather say browsing. I LOVE crafting, and I do all sorts of things from recovering furniture to photography to making cute flowers out of buttons. I am a true jack of all trades, master of none. I live in Boise and I LOVE it here. I'm inspired by everything (my kids, fabrics, pms, sunshine,cookies, etc etc etc)

  8. oh yah, i just read your "about me" section. I'd love a CD mix ! ! !

  9. Happy De-lurking day!!!!


  10. I just came here from thisisloveforever (from lindamade- it all goes together eventually :)). So delurking on my first visit may mean I'm a frequent commenter!

  11. hahaah ok so so far I was right..only FIVE new people have commented. Just wanted to say thanks and I've bookmarked your blogs as well!

    RACHAEL M: Thanks for being the first! I'll send something your way since you took the big step haha.

    CLAIRE: HI! haha you've got cute things in your Etsy shop!

    LIZ ELAYNE: I love how if you link around long enough you'll stumble upon some great things! Looks like you make banners also? You're the first person I've seen besides me to use squares! I personally love the square because it allows more room for pattern haha.

    CORINNE: Hello lady! The feelin's mutual!

    DRAGGIN OXES: haha I should send you something. I probably will.

    Tara: Hello! Don't be shy! haha I know what you mean though. Yeah when I started I never thought I'd meet anyone haha. I didn't even really KNOW there were already so many cool blogs/people out there. For example, I just recently came across Love Forever! I look forward to seeing your blog develop and all of your craftiness! Feel free to say Hi anytime!

    PATTI: Yes, yes, "lurking" is too much of a creepy word- browsing is perfect haha. Do you have a blog? You must since you do all of this great stuff! I'd love to hear/see more! You can email me if you want and we can talk about a mix cd..
    letswritecaitlin [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Amanda: hahah Why, thank you! THOSE NEW TREES ARE SO CUTE!!

    MJ: Hello! Do you have a blog of your own? Are you just a reader for now? Welcome and I'd love to hear from you!

    THANK YOU ALL AGAIN and stay tuned for info on what is going on with the prizes!


  12. Hi Caitlin,
    I think I'm too late for the special lurker stuff, but just have to say, I like your blog and shop!
    ps found you through an the etsy "Time Machine". Didn't even notice that you were a Chicago girl too.

  13. Hi! I just saw this, but I thought I'd say hello since you posted on my blog! I think I found you through Paper Pony, but I now I can't really remember.....seems eventually everyone links together!

  14. so i'm a bit late on this delurking thing but i haven't been the best this last month or so at keeping up on the blogs i read. :) so...

    HI! there, i'm delurked and out in the open.

    I love your etsy shop and just started reading your blog a few months ago.

    I just started my own etsy shop, which as of now only has a few things in it, and i have a personal and business blog, both of which are largely crafty and such. I also just sold my stuff in my very first craft bazaar. :) It was so fun. Hence the not keeping up on reading blogs, or cleaning the house for that matter. :)

    There you go, a bit about me. :)

  15. Trina I'm going to head to your blog to respond haha - to make sure you get it.


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