Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The other day purchased a very cute vintage inspired umbrella from Anthropologie. It's a bit on the delicate side, so I'm not sure if it could withstand the weather in and around Chicago, but I plan to use it to guard off the sun at James' baseball games haha.

It has been kinda gloomy weather was really nice out this morning..but then it turned very cloudy. The sun is out right now, but I don't think it will last until tomorrow. James gave me a message this morning haha. He posts/reads this Chicago sports message board and one of the posters I guess was once a storm chaser! This guy posted this message today:

It's not to often when I see or hear storm chasers are coming to the Chicagoland area but talking with a couple of guys this morning from Kansas and Texas they are making the trip up as a there is a good possibility of Severe weather tomorrow and along with that large Tornadoes and we could have an outbreak of them .

The winds will pick up today and by tomorrow we will have gusts up to 40 mph way before the storms will start to increase and with the jet stream right over and very gusty southerly winds , it's setting up a very dangerous time for us tomorrow.

So keep an eye to the sky late tomorrow afternoon . I'm bringing my camera out so I will post any pictures I get .

!!!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?? All the way from Texas! What is going to happen?? I am kinda scared!

I just now responded to your comments on the DELURKING post below. Stay tuned for prize info.

BUT HEY IF YOU STILL WANT TO DELURK GO RIGHT AHEAD. I want to read your blog also! Really it's no big deal and you might get free stuff out of it. I'D DO IT!

Hope you all have a lovely rest of the day and DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANY TORNADOES TOMORROW!!!


  1. hi caitlin! I love these photos! And that dress looks gorgeous on you!

  2. oh my goodness! look at that umbrella! and look at that caitlin!
    i bought a green one from urban outfitters and it is on the delicate side also, i get the impression they were made strictly for looks. but that is okay i tote it around as sun protection.
    your dress is lovely.

  3. love the colors! and as i lived in the midwest for most of my life, i do indeed no about not wanting to make eye contact with those tornadoes!

  4. Wow, me and the kid are leaving town today to see family....I hope we miss this storm...and I hope you do too!
    Cute umbrella!

  5. oh my god im so glad you declared delurking day im such a big fan omg omg

  6. can you get any cuter? it is sickening. i dont know what delurking is...can someone fill me in.

  7. anonymous: I am your biggest fan, too, BBF.

    Faith: oh shush. Delurking is basically like LONG TIME LISTNER FIRST TIME CALLER hahah. Just a way to make new people or people who have been reading a while feel comfy about commenting.

  8. Montmarte: I love that dress! It is a perfect throw on day dress. Thank you :)

    liz elayne: where about did you live? I often crave living in a rural area but I really am indeed scared of these tornadoes.

    Corinne: Oh I hope you are well on your way by now!! Be safe!

  9. I hope you get no tornadoes! I was in Greensburg doing some freelance work and it was stunning to see. No one needs that.

  10. Patsy: Thanks for your concern! It was actually the biggest false alarm ever, at least for my area. We didn't even see a drop of rain! Just lightning in the distance.
    Wait so you saw a tornado while in Greensburg??


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