Thursday, June 21, 2007

I participated in my first mail swap ever, through Renee at Montmartre's Sketchbook. The instructions were to send 5 photos of pretty things in your daily life, and 5 beautiful paper goods. My partner was Katrina of Many Treasures who I've known for some time I had include some extra goodies..and she did the same for me! Really pretty patterned paper..really great photographs, and sealing wax with a stamp, to name a few! If you'd like to see more photos, go here.

clockwise: light above my bed, piles for fabric for projects, my bed, my current
favorite vintage bag, and flowers on our patio

Getting ready for a busy weekend! Celebrating my birthday tomorrow with family, Saturday is my actual birthday, and Sunday James and I are going to Michigan. Expect many photos and details to follow when I return!


  1. so lovely! i love swaps as inventive as these, arent they fun?! and happy birthday :D

  2. i LOVE my package caitlin! you're the best of the best.

  3. Happy Birthday darling...can you send address to my account? thanks. xoxox


  4. Hi Caitlin! what a beautiful package, and inspiring photos!

    happy happy birthday to you!! :)

  5. The photos you took are so extremely beautiful!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Felicia. haha I assume you mean the cake in the other post.. You had me a bit confused because my nickname is actually "cake" haha and so I wans't sure if you somehow knew that and had just forgot a comma as in, "Lovely, Cake." hahah


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