Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hey guys..I am back. Been catching up on blogs and things.. Before I left I sent a heads up to Apartment Therapy Chicago about the Next Big Thing and all the girls from Chicago - you can see it here. Someone made some lame comments about Fred Flare and cuteness and it was just like "ok good job you are 22 and grown up and can't have fun." No one is saying you should crowd up your life with kitsch, but if you choose to, who cares? How can something that is generally a happy thing, annoy you so much, you know? haha

My bday was fine. Friday we did family stuff.. went go-karting with Mom, Dad, Doug and his girlfriend Monica, and of course James. Both Monica and James had NEVER been on a go-kart! It was pretty hilarious. James lost so bad- I lapped him! He was afraid of the gas pedal. What a lame-o. ...Came back to the house and had dinner and dessert. It was nice and laid back.

Saturday James and I went to a minor league baseball game.. it was fun but we kinda had a relationship talk like "hey this is great and I like going to this game but maybe not ever again for my birthday cos remember I am a girl and actually this is more of a really great gift idea for me to give to YOU" hahaha. It was a friendly lesson and we had fun, of course. I had to let it slide too because we weren't able to really do anything spectacular for his bday back in March. Anyway, the point is, he is a good boyfriend. A great boyfriend.

Sunday we headed to Michigan and I'll probably talk more about that later on..

Here are some photos now..

If I don't have the chocolate molten cake from William Sonoma, I have a
chocolate peanut butter ice cream pie..sooo delicious. Because it was an
ice cream pie, I didn't really go crazy with cake toppers. Just ended up
using the cute deer from Amanda, and a cake candle.


I surprised James with White Sox cupcakes.. I was going to make homemade
cupcakes but things got hectic and when I saw these at the grocery store it was
a sign haha. Good thing I grabbed them because I couldn't even find the
baseball cake toppers I had planned to use for the homemade cupcakes.
Anyway, these have White Sox helmets and baseballs..and I made a little flag
that said "Yeah Jim Thome #1" because he is our favorite baseball guy. The
goodies below are just things that James loves haha.



And finally, me playing in balloons.

It was a good weekend.


  1. How adorable, yay for fun b-days and congrats=)

    Also, don't mind the loser commenter on Apartment Therapy-- I love that site but apparently its readers can be overly judgmental.

    Who would even think to be so rude, on an apartment decor site of all places? And how is that not a sign of immaturity in and of itself?

    Whatevs man, your plaque is adorable and there ain't nothin' wrong with that=)

  2. Ah.......Apartment were on their blog before! Is that what I was thinking of?
    Or am I still crazy! haha!

    Anyway, Fred Flare is so great, it is such an honor to be chosen by them....don't let anyone but a damper on that!

    Long live kitsch!

  3. Oh, boo hoo to the anti-kitsch girl! She clearly doesn't know of what she speaks (gold star to myself for grammar!) because I see Fred Flare items everywhere in magazines, on Wists, etc. The company's DJ staffers are on iTunes.... You can't go ten feet in the hipster universe without tripping over the Fred Flare love. So being a F.F. "next big thing" means you are IT, girl!

    And you got my vote, as a very tiny birthday gift, at least. Hope your special day was happy. And good luck with the competition!

  4. Thanks for the pep talks, guys! I do agree with all points made!

    and p.s. to corinne: yeah way to get my hopes up hahah just kidding..yeah it was AT you were thinking of ;)

  5. Love it all!! The deer, the baloons....too fun! And I had to go over and read that lame-o comment, and whoa did I laugh my ass off! Gee, I really hope that one day I can grow up to be a snotty, critical, (boring), I mean spohisticated, judgemental dope. Jeez! What ever happend to "to each his own?" he he!

  6. hahah I KNOW. so so strange. what can you do i guess? glad you laughed, too :)

  7. SO cute! i love your outfit! and your cute plates! <3 ahh simply adorable! looks like a lot of fun ;)

    on another note, i think it is so cute that your mom has a blog! haha. and her crafts are so cool!

  8. hahah thank you! ..yeah my mom is quite a lady haha. :)


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