Friday, June 29, 2007

So Sunday James and I headed to Michigan for a secret mission and then some beach time. We arrived in Grand Rapids early evening only to find the town dead..I guess it was a Sunday night but still..there was nowhere that was still open to have dinner and we were starving. ..There was this one place that I guess was called THE BOB??? Totally weird bar/trying to be hip club and grill type place. It was really strange because the more we circled the town the more we saw people in their early 30s dressed in club attire emerging from I don't even know where. It's a weird town. I don't even remember the last time I'd been there..I must have been very small. We settled on Fridays, not a favorite restaurant at all, especially while on a vacation.

..Checked in to the a good deal and it was clean and we were high rollin' with a sleep number bed haha. Best part about it was James awaking the next morning only to realize he had set his side of the bed to a number which provided all the comforts of home - just as stiff as his Ikea mattress with the intrusive springs. For some reason I noted and thought it was really crazy that every room had a faux balcony..the front part of the balcony was cement so you could not see that it was actually just a window, and no door. This lead to the discovery that the windows were also sealed which kinda felt creepy..what if there was a fire?? The shower head was the hardest one I've ever experienced, I think haha. It nearly poked my eye out! Really! My hair was so weird and flat. It probably sounds like I'm complaining but haha I'm just reporting.

...We were going to stay the second night in Grand Haven..we like this little hotel that is in the town right by the water, and it's clean and cheap..but I guess it wasn't available at that time. Monday we went to P.J. Hoffmaster's beach. My favorite beach. James is not a big swimming kinda guy but really enjoyed his time in the water haha. In the beach parking lot, my favorite pair of shoes were somehow lost. I was really sad for a long while.

..Went into Grand Haven and had dinner and walked on the board walk..of course saw the Musical Fountain and just had a nice night. It was a hot night though. Had to drive back to the hotel in G. Rapids only to find out the power had gone out on our side of town and while the lights and tv were still working in our room, the air conditioner was not..and yeah, the windows were sealed. It was kinda unpleasant haha. Took the long way back on Tuesday..stopped in towns along the Red Arrow Highway and dilly dallied.

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This was parked in our hotel lot on the first night of our stay!

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Probably the best part of Grand Rapids. I didn't ge to go on them though.

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  1. yay, you got to see the oscar mayer winnie hot dog


  3. I did! It seats a lot of people in there haha.

    katie, you might.


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