Friday, June 29, 2007

Ok so you know how in my last post I mentioned that my favorite pair of shoes were lost in the beach parking lot and/or thrown out by mistake?
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They were these but in a tan (I have the yellow ones also haha). I purchased them both last spring and summer. The yellow ones came from Anthropologie and the tan ones from Le Train Bleu. I love them because they are comfy, cute, and go with everything. So yeah I was devastated when we found out that my tan ones were gone - especially since my yellow pair has seen better days.

Today I decided to just try and email the brand, Pink Studio, you know, just in case they have a secret stash in their office or perhaps elves waiting for a special job. I then continued to browse online for a substitute. I found some cute flats, but I really need a sandal replacement (ok, I do need some flats but those can at least wait until the early fall). I did not expect to receive a reply from the company until next week. Well I was wrong. Lisa from Pink Studio wrote me back a very kind email with a link to an online shop that still had the shoes, in the correct color and size! I am so very happy. It's always nice to find people who care!

Just wanted to share haha.


  1. Those sandals ARE cute! Thank goodness you found the perfect replacement. :)

  2. yes i was very lucky considering they are a season old haha!

  3. hi, just found this page, and am wondering if the site's service is good?? i love their purses and sandals. :)

  4. Yes! It was very good service, I would suggest it for sure!


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