Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello! Phew! These days have been hectic! Today they announced the winner of Fred Flare's Next Big Thing! Supayana was the winner by a long shot! She seems like a nice girl (she seems to smile a lot and I'm always a fan of that haha) and quite the entrepreneur! ..Nice kinda finished in the middle, I guess..not too shabby I think considering I'm still kinda new to all of this. After all, Fred Flare was my first wholesale order ever! And by the way, if you stop by because you found me through Fred Flare, be sure to say hello! Thank you to everyone who voted! ..And thanks to those who never got around to it thinking I didn't need their vote to win ; ) hahah I have to say a special thanks to Amanda (she did a blog mention and had my badge up), and Chandra (she had a really sweet post about me on her blog AND mentioned my need for votes in her shop's newsletter! ..Chandra was one of my neighbor's at the Renegade fair last year and is very nice, and funny!), as well as all of my Mom's friends who came over from her blog! haha I know my deer may not have been your taste but you were all very kind!!

Good things are coming up for Nice, so keep on the look out!

...James is doing well. He had a cast put on yesterday and hopefully most of the pain will be over by the end of this week. He's back in the city now and doing well on his own! Guess he had it with all the fuss - he had his Mom, his Grandma, his Sister, my Mom, and myself all ready to help him out, all of the time, and I guess it got to him a tad haha.

I'm working on a shop update..some vintage items..feel like staying up a bit so maybe it will be done tonight.

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