Sunday, July 15, 2007

! James broke his wrist yesterday playing baseball!! I was at work..once I was on my break I saw that he had called. I called him back and he was like "hey.." in that awful deadpan tone and I immediately asked what was wrong and his reply was, "I'm in the hospital..I think it's bad.." AND THEN MY PHONE CUT OUT. It was the worst feeling ever! least I knew he was able to talk to me though..I wasn't able to get in touch until like 10 min later when his Mom got through to my phone. He was playing first base and the runner ran into him as he was catching a poor throw in attempt to get the guy out. Luckily that game wasn't too far from his Mom and she was able to take him to the emergency room. I got out of work at 11 and drove to his Grandma's which was 20 min away, then we drove to meet his mom to pick up his car and house keys, then back to the city to feed the cat and get some clothes, then to my parents' in the suburbs to sleep comfortably. We didn't get back until 2:30. It's funny how some nights, when you're having fun, 2:30 can feel early.. but last night it felt like the latest hour ever haha. James is currently downstairs sleeping. Tomorrow he will go to the doctor to find out the next step.


  1. OH MY!! that makes me hurt just thinking about it! i hope he heals quickly!! my boyfriend was playing soccer a few weeks ago and thought he broke his foot so we went to the hospital but it was only a really bad sprain. i've never broken anything, so i can't even imagine how much it hurts!

  2. i'm really bumped you didnt win! :(

  3. Aw, I'm sorry to see that! I hope he feels better soon!

    Oh, boys, the things they do for fun;)

  4. (Hey, I can post again! Yay!)

    I hope James is doing better! Sending good thoughts your way!


  5. Chandra - yeah ugh..i've never broken anything either..only sprained..i don't even want to think about it..he said his arm was the same of an S because of the break. I'm kinda glad i didnt get to see it.

    Ms. Apples - it's alright! ya win some, ya lose some haha

    Morgan - Thanks for the concern! I know who wants to do anything that could potentially lead to a broken bone? hahah

    Amanda - Thanks! Thanks even more for that email!! <3


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