Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ok so my Thursday color post will be added to tomorrow's, if that's alright with you?

July 4 was fun. Headed down to the city to be with James. Hung out on our porch, in the park, and took a walk. Took my first video with my parent's camera.. don't mind my silly purposefully monotone comments haha. I wasn't even sure if it was working correctly...and I forgot that you can't flip a video hahah so excuse the sideways filming hahaha...kinda looks like a video game or something.

warning: my not be suitable unless you have your sea legs. ..and you might want to turn the sound down to begin with..the fireworks are loud and hissy!


  1. Oh fun....we just watched from our house...boring!
    But is was craziness all around us!

  2. hahah thanks, chandra!

    yeah the city goes nuts on 4th of july! haha was actually much more calm around us compared to last year though. we watched from our house last year..after we had our fill of being outside..they lasted so long haha.


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