Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Today is YELLOW! Yellow is a favorite color of mine! Well ok..truth be told I have a hard time choosing a favorite color. When I was little that seemed to be the number one question people were just dying to know about me (isn't it funny how adults make conversation with kids sometimes? haha), and I finally got it down to a simple answer, "Rainbow is my favorite color." And it made perfect sense. I liked all the colors together. Nothing wrong with that! Yellow has definately made a presence in my wardrobe and decor, it's been my favorite color to treat as a neutral lately.

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This is the bedding I was talking about yesterday in the green post. I got an insanely great bargain on it, and I'd been lusting after it for some time. However, there are a couple problems: 1. I moved back home where I have my simple twin bed, I got a queen in this. 2. Will I still like it when James and I move back in together (that could be soon or later). 3. It's kind of a messy pattern?? I only got the queen duvet and the euro shams so I could break it up with something for the standard pillow cases. 4. I seriously love that Sweet Shrub duvet that I showed you yesterday! Ridiculous, yes? If worse comes to worse I could just use the fabric from the duvet for something else? I don't know if I could ever cut it up though. hahahaah oh man OK GUYS I JUST NOW REALIZED THAT THOSE TWO PHOTOS UP THERE ARE DIFFERENT, or rather that the patterns are!!! hahaah oh man. Well, I have the one on the left..the messier looking one : ( hahaha. man. Ok whatever, any ideas and suggestions or jokes would be appreciated!!

Ok, on to more yellow.

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A little yellow birdie. Purchased from a flea market. I love his round little head!

My favorite pin cushion.

Did you ever have one of these mini keyboards?? I LOVED and LOVE them. It seems like they would be in our Christmas stocking every other year because they were easy to loose or the batteries would wear out. I got this one a few years ago..I imagine I can just change the batteries myself since there are screws on the back. Haven't opened it yet to see what kind. Anyway I love it and it is yellow.

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I enjoy the yellow old color photos will fade to. These are sort of better in
person, but you get the idea.

Hope you have a great July 4..or that you got all your festivities in last night if you're afraid of staying up too late tonight because you have to work on Thursday! I'm heading to the city and hope to score some video and more color for the next two day's posts!

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  1. oh my god! i had a pink one. i had totally forgotten about it till now. :) I rocked where is thumbkin, way better than my cousin on her blue one.


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