Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ok sorry so late! Today's color is GREEN and it is Anthropologie themed, and quite by coincidence!

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Ok, number one today, this skirt from Anthropologie..I think it was 2004??
I was a bit bummed to find that this skirt wasn't as fluffy in person, but one
day I hope to own one that is just how I imagined it to be (might have to
make it myself haha). I really like this whole photo.

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This bedding is currently being sold at Anthropologie and I love it!
Well, I mostly love the duvet part, but it all looks nice together as
well. It's even better in person. I just bought a duvet for a GREAT
deal though, sigh. The good news is, this print is also available as
curtains, so that might feed my need.

Then, coincidentally, the night after I first saw this bedding, I was
browsing Secondhand Rose and found this...

It's the same! I wonder if there is a green version of this wallpaper or if the Anthro
people made it green. I love the green and think it could do with a bit of bright
pink and or yellow haha.

And lastly, this is a suitcase given to me by my Grandma Fraser. I've had it since
I was small..used it once to store Barbies and things haha. I love it! And to add
to the Anthropologie theme of today, it was actually once used as a prop on one
of their catalog covers! Well, not this very one, obviously haha. Kinda neat.

EDIT: I am not sure if it's the light or if my memory of this suitcase is so strong
I still imagine it to be a green...it sure looks blueish in this photo though!
haha.. Maybe
it has faded but I didn't even realize..


  1. love that skirt. and that bedding...goodness.
    loving the green today.

  2. Very nice! That bed looks cozy! :)

  3. i love the image from the anthropologie catalog, the skirt is so PRETTY!

  4. Thanks ladies! Yeah the green worked out well I think haha. I could just jump into that bed!..while wearing the green skirt. haha

  5. i debated buying that skirt for months and months. i never did but seeing it made me regret it!
    it's fluffier when steamed out really well!!
    i love your suitcase too!

  6. i debated buying that skirt for months and months. i never did but seeing it made me regret it!
    it's fluffier when steamed out really well!!
    i love your suitcase too!

  7. Oh man. I never even thought of steaming it haha. if i ever make one i'll make you one, too hahaha.

  8. Hey! I had this suitcase, too! I think (and this needs confirmation) that this was a case that Avon gave their sales ladies. I think that my Mom either sold Avon at one time or someone we knew did. I just remember this being filled with lots of little tester lipsticks!

    Oh, look! It was from Avon. Look at ebay item 250020722744!!

    PS I used to keep doll clothes and probably Barbies in mine, too! And those cute little miniature lipsticks!

  9. hahah my mom couldn't remember if it was from Avon, or if my Grandma had just purchased it on her own for Avon, either. That is so funny. Also- mini lipstick samples were like the king of samples..well, they were all good, cute little cases and stuff, but the lipstick took the cake haha. Many lipsticks suffered after being left in the car (hello, never leave home with out it!), and were only half way revived in the refrigerator afterward hahah. oh man that just brought back another memory..did you have cabbage patch kids? did you ever see what happens to the their heads when you leave them in a hot car? not good. I guess it teaches you a good parenting lesson hahah.

    I'm gonna go send this to you through flickr mail in case you don't see it hahah.


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