Thursday, August 30, 2007

Does anyone know of any place where you can buy these suitcases (in any color) at a wholesale price? I have searched long and hard on the internet - the only thing I did find out is that I'm not the only one who is/has been searching for these. ...They do sell an unfinished cardboard version at Joann Fabrics and other craft places, but that just won't work for me / is a very last resort. The image is from

EDIT: Katrina left a comment saying that Hobby Lobby actually carries them! (though apparently not on their web catalog) While they won't be at a wholesale price, this might be my best and/or only option... It's funny cos I've looked for them there, but I guess I might have just missed them..not looked in the right department! I can't wait to see if we have them here... Otherwise, Katrina, we might have to set up a deal haha.


  1. I've done countless searches as well... I'll be checking back to see if anyone else knows.

    good luck to all of us.

  2. seriously! ..and according to the paper source website, those cases are exclusive, so i'm guessing if i got my hands on one of theirs, there would be no clues leading to the manufacturer.

  3. it might be nice to paint them though!
    they are not exclusive they are in craft stores already colored like that all over indiana. next time i find one i'll look around for a name.

  4. Oh, I know what you mean. I remember blogging about some source. Let me see if I can't go back and find mor 411 for you.
    K xo

  5. whoa really? a wholesale source? ...i went to hobby lobby and mine store only sold the medium size cases :( ..i need the smaller ones.

  6. I searched for these too, but never had any luck. No hobby lobbys around these parts either. Boo. Let me know if you ever find any!

  7. I do love those cases! :) No wholesale sources for your search, though.


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