Friday, August 31, 2007

Look at all this!! So exciting! Today I did a lot of out-sourcing, it seems haha. Had a lot of help from the family..bouncing ideas, cutting wood, screen printing. I am so lucky that my brother can do this for me! He also took this photo, which I am loving. I'm really excited for this year's fair...I have a LOT to do still, but I am very excited.


  1. Hey, I am so glad you will be at Renegade!
    I will keep an eye out for you...and hopefully get to meet you face to face!
    Good luck getting all your goodies together!
    (I will just be a shopper this year)

  2. Yes, for sure! Looks like I'll be on the east side of the line :)

  3. Great...I will definatly be looking for you!
    (hope that doesn't sound too scary! haha!)

  4. wow, they turned out amazing!
    K :)

  5. AW! i wish i was in chicago so i could come visit you! it looks like so much fun! what are those wood blocks? they look amazing! :)

  6. Thanks, Kristin :)

    I wish you could come too, Danni! It would be a lot of fun. ..the blocks are for the deer mountings!


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