Friday, August 03, 2007

hahah I just saw this on my Flickr contacts, uploaded by my Mom. Hobbes is such a funny, sweet cat. He's been hanging around me more, well since I've moved back home haha. I guess that would make sense.. but he's actually coming in my room regularly and meowing for attention. When he was smaller (much smaller, he's got quite a belly now) I would carry him over my shoulder all the time, just like a baby haha. He's too big to do that now, and I guess he knows it cos he doesn't like to be held for long. He's actually behind me on the edge of my bed right now, taking a nap..he is snoring haha..he is a very heavy breather. He is soft like a bunny and rolls on his back so you can get under his chin and he rests his paw on your wrist and it makes you feel like he wants to say thank you but really I'm sure his paw is just so relaxed and has nowhere else to go haha. He's a bit of a cat-dog, not only because he rolls over, but just the way he looks at you haha, like a loyal dog, a best friend haha. I'm totally sounding like my Mom right now haha..
I don't even usually like to write about my pets but I had to make an exception.

To be fair (or to get it out of my system?), here is one of Hobbes and Catapult, lusting for the oudoors.


And here is one of James' cat, Constable..he can be cuddily (he'll always sleep next to me), but mostly has a lot of engergy haha.


  1. what cuties!
    I have always wanted cats, but growing up my sister was it's my husband! geesh!

  2. aww..does your husband not like cats? I'm just sayin' cos we found out my dad was really milking that "I'm allergic" excuse until I was a teenager haha. We found that only certain kinds of cats seem to bother him..he has since crossed over and loves our cats. haha

  3. haha, cats do snore! FUNNY! I had a kitten in my room and he would always get on the bed and snore. hahhahaha! my url changed to:

  4. i want a kitten haha.

    i was wondering what was going on with your (old) blog. new one is now bookmarked!

  5. Ha ha -- Caitlin, your cats are adorable, but they gave me the biggest laugh! No telling you why here ... it's not the same without photos. You'll have to visit my blog to see why!!!

  6. i lovvvvvvvve hobbes

  7. hahaah that was too funny indeed, tara!

    oh hi james bf

  8. Oh! Kitty Love! :)

  9. oh, so cute...i miss having a cat around.
    Kristin :)
    ps my google acct doesn't work :P


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