Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hello gang!
Glad there has been such a positive response to the Your Nice Things promotion/gallery place. It's really wonderful to see how you bring these things into your homes! Very inspiring to me. So thank you and do keep it up : ) ..Also I take great joy out of making cds for people haha. Feel free to suggest a theme to me when you send in a photo.

I've been so busy lately. Had a quick trip to Michigan over the weekend with family, to see other family. It was nice but kinda exhausting since we did it with only one night in between. 'Been working on things for the Renegade Fair. Very busy. I'm making a new's funny cos I've had the idea for this new deer for so long, pretty much immediately after I thought of the deer project in the first place..but I just recently actually made it haha. I'm really excited about it and it will debut at the fair. If anyone else happens upon this blog who is going to be at the fair, selling or buying, feel free to let me know!

Found this knitting basket at the thrift store..I don't knit..feel kinda guilty for keeping it..but it's nice! Probably not strong enough for holding magazines..any other ideas?

This summer is really flying..but in all honesty, at least for me, it's been sort of a boring summer, sigh. Not much going on over here. Guess it's due to a lot of things,..tight budget, broken wrists, a bit of boredom haha, heat, etc. I'm hoping James and I can plan something a bit out of the ordinary and fun. Any ideas?


  1. yaaay for renegade! my aunt just moved to chicago, so i'll have to tell her to check it out! i've been waiting to email you for my super awesome mix cd until i get my new address and i literally JUST got it, so i'm going to email it to you later if that's okay! or you can just tell me songs to download!

  2. oh yeah! haha i'll for sure send it to you- new mail at your new place! it's only fitting!

  3. I love my CD! Such a great mix of random stuff.
    I'll be at Renegade to buy, and will absolutely stop by your shop!
    Kristin :)
    ps again, my google account still not working, eerrr...

  4. Sounds great to me, Kristin! ..I was looking at the vendors and seems like it will be extra good this year! ..So glad you like the cd <3


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