Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ana of Bang! is asking for photos "What's In Your Bag" photos, and I decided to go ahead and do it as I've actually never participated in one of these tasks : )

My current favorite bag.

In My Bag: Clockwise, I suppose..Tide "to-go pen", my boyfriend spilled some food on a canvas bag I have at a baseball game, and since then I have been carrying this around...regular day planner...a thrifted necklace...white change purse that is kinda plain and I started using for money and cards on to carry my business cards..a business card...5 dollars...Orbit gum...cell phone...generic medicine for headaches...a postcard book from the Madonna Inn that our friend just brought back for us...random bits of trim from my banners...small pink floral notebook, larger idea copy of Craft, Inc....sunglass case with sunglasses, of course.


  1. ohmigosh of course everything in your bag is ADORABLE! haha. so loveli! :) esp. love the wood cover journal and the sunglasses case and your business card holder. wow, just love everything!

  2. haha thanks dani. isn't it funny how everything kinda color coordinates?? completely on accident, of course. and so far so good on keeping my bag relatively clutter (receipts, etc) free!

  3. i love your bag and you have such pretty things in it!
    mine is usually full of receipts, odd slips of paper and pennies.

  4. That's wonderful! vintage sunglasses
    are always in my bag as well!


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