Monday, September 17, 2007

Ok just a quick update..

I just found out tonight that this site/blog was down since Friday afternoon! I had no idea at all.. Not sure if it had something to do with blogger,, or the way I had things set up to refer my dot com to blogger. But let me tell you, it was/is a headache as I am still very tired from the Fair over the weekend! haha.

Ugh I thought it was fixed..I can now see the page on my computer, but I just instant messaged my brother and he says it isn't working for him??? Does it work for you????

SIGH after I figure this out I'll have all sorts of updates about the fair and such.


  1. It's working for me! :O)

    Hope you had a nice time at the fair!

  2. Coming in loud and clear here!

    I use Internet Explorer, if that helps

  3. It's working for me....internet explorer here too.

  4. Works for me on Firefox. :0)


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