Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Site seems to be working again! Thanks for your reassurance! haha

Renegade was a great success! It was even more amazing than last year. My booth set up was fine tuned, I was able to meet a lot of vendors and shoppers (even though I know my brain was so tired and loopy, I think I still managed to have decent conversations..I hope), and the weather was perfect! Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello. ..It was great meeting fellow bloggers.. Corinne of Not Too Pink, Kristin of The Pink Shower Curtain & Kricket Bee, and all of the others, friends and etc. who came out.

Here are the goodies I picked up...


My mom picked up the coasters by Seamripper, the mouse pad and matching mirror are by Axelhoney and they are for me, and the tree mouse pad is by BoyGirlParty and James picked it out for himself. All via Kellee and Matt of My Favorite Mirror who were my/our (my whole family was there haha) neighbors. They are really fantastic people and I am very happy to have met them Kellee gave me great advice as a seller and I already feel like I've known her for years. I can't wait to see them again!


The two top cards are from I'm Smitten. I was able to meet Ashley and she is incredibly sweet. For some reason I thought she was from/lived in California..she is definitely living in Chicago haha. I hope to see more of her. ...the tiny fawn lapel pin is from Figs and Ginger. Rhonda makes these BY HAND! I just assumed that it was done by a laser cutter (they seem to be everywhere). When I stopped by their booth her husband, Elijah gave me the low down on their work. I couldn't pick up a pin at that point (I'm on a tight budget!), but he stopped by my booth near the end of the fair on Sunday and offered a trade! I'm glad to have been able to take that little deer home. And last but not least, this sweet card by Rose at The Great Lakes. Rose is amazing and I think she and I will be great friends. ..and no I'm not preggers I just like this card! It has banners, hello? I'm going to frame all of the above cards haha.

Sooooo many things I wanted to buy.. didn't get to make a purchase at Mary Ink this year, which was very, very difficult to resist..and I'm Smitten has a new print that I really like, but will have to wait on.

Oh I just remembered I did get one more thing..a necklace that I forgot to photograph because I'm wearing it! haha.. I'll have to show you a bit later.

I'll have banners and paintings to list on Etsy.. hopefully up by Friday.. I have to take photos of each one. If you'd like to be notified when I list them, send me an email at Letswritecaitlin[@]hotmail.com . Those of you who wanted a special order of the deer that sold out, I'll have those soon as well. Also I'm working on figuring out banner pricing per letter for custom orders. Trying to make everything go as smooth as possible.

I'll have more photos available on Flickr soon as well.


  1. Congrats on a great show. I sounds like alot of fun - I would have broke the bank shopping by the look of the cool stuff you picked up!

  2. Thanks For a great weekend Caitlin!

  3. It was so great to meet you in person...your booth looked so great!
    You got some really good stuff...some of my very favorite booths!

  4. I love my new "Hooray!" banner and can't wait to order a custom banner for my business!

  5. Hi caitlin,

    Nice pics from the fair! What beautiful weather! Nice as always to see you and your family there. Keep making all the beautiful things to bring joy to people.

    Love the dearheads!

  6. i really love your new prints! i'm smitten!

  7. thanks so much everyone! all your compliments mean so much to me.

    shayne - that would be fantastic!

    ms. apples - i can totally see you loving i'm smitten!

  8. Aww, I wish I had gone! It looks like it was so much fun.

    Also I don't mean to sound weird or anything, but you have the best hair! :)

  9. Caitlin-
    It was great to meet you in person. You are as nice in person as you are here.
    Wow! It was crazy busy at Renegade. I couldn't believe how huge it was this year.
    Oh, I forgot to tell you that your shop was on the front page of Etsy that weekend. Yay!
    Kristin :)

  10. haha Thank you so much, Rhiannon! It's funny cos I am very close to chopping it! Craving a short hair style, yet still can't believe I grew it this long. ..Wish you could have come to the fair also!

    Awww, thank you, Kristin, and likewise!! ..yeah the fair was massive. I honestly didn't get to see everything because it was also so busy. ..I can't believe I was on the front page?! Was it part of a treasury? A vintage item??

  11. Hey Caitlin! Thanks for blarging about us! We are so happy that we had you as neighbors.

    I'm going to try to take some pix for you tomorrow or so of all my favorite bedding!

    I need to set up a good bloggy and post more. Your blog (and your mama's!) is inspiring!

    xoxoxo Keep in touch!

  12. Your booth looks SO LOVELY!! : )

  13. kellee you should for sure set up a blog! it would be so much fun and hilarious i'm sure :) ..send me those photos! <3

    thanks very much, marjorie :)


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