Monday, September 24, 2007

So you can now sign up for email updates from Nice! Simply fill out the fields on the sidebar to your left and you're in! It will come in handy soon because I'm trying to get that handmade shop update in order. Expect Hooray & Happy Birthday banners, a few acrylic & wood burnings, and hopefully a few deer. Those who placed an order at the fair, those deer will be ready in a couple days..I'll contact you. But yes! There isn't too much left so I'd suggest signing up to know right when the update finally happens.

Other nice things about the fair..

I picked up Telegram Stationary from 16 Sparrows. I got it as a little joke for James..I'm always trying to get him to pen out love notes to me rather than just emails..figured this would be a good step as he could write in telegram short hand (oh but of course that's the joke and I want a longer note than short hand hahah). ..Also picked up a very cool necklace from Chain Chain Chained, however I have no photo because while I remember taking it off and specifically placing it in a 'safe place', I CANNOT FIND IT and it is driving me crazy!! I've only been able to wear it once! UGH. ..As soon as I find it there will be a photo. This is the second purchase I've made from Chain Chain first was at the holiday Renegade. Good stuff!

Also wanted to mention my other fabulous neighbor, Allison of Miss Allison. She was great to meet and is a business/craft fair pro! She makes cool stuff with vinyl. Last year my brother's girlfriend purchased a pouch from her and she likes it a lot. This is my current favorite wallet, featured on her website OK I KNOW it is out of stock but I like it a lot and wanted to show you, too.

I was also able to meet Cat of Deadbird and Allison of Blue Thimble. Both were incredibly nice and it was great to see their stuff in person.

Cat came from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is cool to me cos I am from Michigan. Not Grand Rapids, but nonetheless. I hope to learn more about craft fairs in MI and get out there. ..I love the detail of the water in that piece. ..Cat also has a vintage Etsy shop called Dead Bird Finds, and I like it very much.

Allison of Blue Thimble is from Chicago and makes BEAUTIFUL pieces. She had a really lovely booth at the fair, and it was her first time! I looooove this pillow..

So yes, I think that's it for now. I feel like I'm forgetting things to tell you.. I'll have to get back to you on that.


  1. I love that stationary! And what a good idea. ;)

    Did you really find the new Lula in Geneva? Wow, I haven't even looked there yet . .. I looked there at Borders and B&N a few months ago for the last issue but never saw it on the shelves . .. I ended up finding it in Bloomington, of all places!

  2. I love those telegraph postcards!! SO cute! :)

  3. rhiannon, i think i jinxed myself cos i can't find lula yet either..maybe it's too early for the states??

    marjorie..i know! haha it's a great idea.


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