Thursday, October 04, 2007

Anabela and Marjorie, I'm so glad you enjoy Colleen! ..Anabela, you are the first person I've met, outside of my friends around here, to even know of her! I'm excited that you like her, too! ..I got your package out today, by they way <3

Here is one last video before I head out to the city. It's long, but if by now you've taken a liking to her, you might enjoy's her live, with an interview spliced in between..



  1. Yeah! I guess it's pretty bad to admit it, but I picked up her first album because the cover art was so nice, and I loved the titles of the songs. The guy at the record store said it was really good, so I tried it and fell in love. The little music box sounds are so lovely! Thanks for the videos, by the way: I've never looked for them before.

    Super excited about the package!

  2. It's magic!! It really pulls ideas out of my brain while I'm painting.....also Amiina!! :)

    Thanks for sharing the videos!! Lovely!! :)

  3. I can imagine this would be nice to paint to. Thanks for introducing me!


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