Saturday, October 13, 2007

I have not disappeared!! Things have just been so busy around here!

...Last week, we DID NOT get to go to the Colleen show! I am like 80% out of the loop with current music, and apparently the band she was opening for is really big among the indie crowd and I'm not even gonna tell you who it was because I just don't find them anything special at all and I'm still kinda sad I missed out cos I'm not smart enough to buy tickets ahead of time but my word I haven't had to do that in ages! Colleen has been my most favorite for like 4 years now, sigh. ahah I am a nerd. ..Also was kinda interested in seeing Justice this week, but that is sold out too. Which, I can understand, but still. I never go to shows anymore haha just let me get to one.

Sunday James and I had a nice morning and went to Lovely (as seen above, visit their site for more images and info), a bakery which is of course lovely, and just around the corner from his place. The ladies working, who I am pretty sure are the owners, were really friendly, and I hope we can go back soon. It's tasty, and the space is large and airy..lotsa light.

In other news, I've been very busy doing a lot of making. Meanwhile, I received these photos from a couple Renegade shoppers...

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Shayne of Novelty Kitten snapped a cellphone pic of her banner once she got back home..all the way to Maryland!


And Rebecca made my day when she showed me this photo hahah..I remember when she bought this piece at the fair, there were jokes made about how it resembled her. She even mastered the thoughtful blank stare hahah. So funny and cute.

These photos have been added to the Your Nice Things section, and they both received a mix cd in the mail :)

Ok that's all I've got for now..I'll be back soon..


  1. so happy to see you blogging. I think that the painting does resemble her ^_^

  2. Oh- I love a good bakery recommendation.

    Rebecca's picture is awesome! Love it!

  3. haha it was truly fate, ms. apples!

    Yeah it's really nice, I think you would like it, Amanda! ..and feel free to let me in on any favorite bakeries you might have around here!

  4. Hey, I wanted to let you know...I tried this's wonderful! It is really just down the street from us, so I hope we get back their again!

  5. It's got a lot of space to spread out!..and good light. ..and taste (in both decor and treats of course haha). I didn't realize you were in the same neighborhood/area..or maybe I had just forgotten.


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