Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ok, guys, I know it's been all shop talk over here lately, but really, it's been my life x 2.5 these past few weeks. Today I have to let you all in on my Mom's shop update! Tons of cute houses..beautiful details! Simply wonderful. ..And disappearing fast! haha

In other news, Amanda notified me today that one of my Mod Cabin Clocks was a part of today's Etsy finds email! Pretty, pretty exciting!

..Whenever I say "pretty, pretty" I do it in a Larry David voice, f.y.i.

I feel so boring, but nothing interesting has really been going on here..this weekend or soon I would like to try to get to that German outdoor market in the loop area..has anyone ever been to this? I want to find random trinkets and tasty things.


  1. lovely houses. and your clock. I was drooling when I saw them :D

  2. where is this german market? is it like a flea market? Is it every weekend? I must know!

  3. it's every day! until xmas! it's not really a flea market..just tons of german vendors with treats and least that is my impression!

  4. AW such cozy cute houses! Your mom is awesome!

  5. Your Mom's houses are so pretty!
    Yay on the Etsy finds! :)


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