Sunday, December 02, 2007

I like winter in theory. I like the idea of a soft blanket of snow and delicate flakes falling upon it, while inside you sit by the fire, cocoa in hand..I even enjoy the idea of being in the snow- sledding and shopping and walking and what-have-you..But wind and ice and slush and yucky's only December 2 and the goods are having a hard time out weighing the bads. Took a great deal of time to travel to work yesterday..then later, came out of work to find my car a solid cube of ice. Today was cold rain, so we didn't make it to the Christkindlmarket..maybe next weekend after we spend a bit of time at the Renegade Holiday Sale.

On Sunday nights I watch Tim & Eric on Adult Swim..anyone else?


  1. Hey we drove around downtown last night to show Ava all the lights....we stopped by the Christkindlemarket, and it was SO SO COLD!
    I want to go back when I can actually look at there will be a warmer time!
    I can't wait for Renegade!

  2. Sorry, that last comment was from me!


  3. hi corinne! hey any good neighborhood suggestions for light viewing?
    i wonder if they have outdoor heaters at the market? hahah that would be wonderful. yes i'm pretty excited about renegade too..hope to check lots of names off my xmas list!

  4. Well, we just drove down Michigan Ave. for lights.
    Most neighborhoods I have seen so far, don't seem to have it all up yet!
    The market really was worth the visit, lots of good food, and a few indoor shops with great German ornaments, clocks, candy...all that good stuff. I felt bad for outdoor vendors. The wind was just horrible!
    I hope you make it!

  5. i went to a christkindlmarkt last weekend in baltimore. they had soft pretzels but i am already so chubby, so whatever. we got an advent calendar with bears.

    SEE YA

    ps winter sucks, right


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