Monday, December 03, 2007

My good friends Dan and Taylor are finally getting serious with their music making, once again. They're very careful about what they share with others, and the two of them just made their first 'decent' track since 2004 (seriously, they hated everything in between). They've put together a website as well as a blog..and the Vault documents all of those other decent tracks that came before. A message from Dan + Taylor:

Hello. We’ve been making audio for what appears to be about 10 years. The stuff we produced in the 20th century has a very rough - but authentic - feel. It’s included in the vault only for the sake of posterity and for the few interested. The things on this page will always be new and updated by the day. I feel that Autechre are a huge chunk of our influence. As are the Jenkinson brothers. We like strict IDM, acid, dubstep, jungle, drill ‘n’ bass. And we also know that these tags are pretty meaningless. Right now we are listening to Burial, Boxcutter, Colleen, Frog Pocket, lots of Luke Vibert, and the new Underworld LP.

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