Monday, December 03, 2007

Hey, those of you who have taken the Handmade Pledge this year with your holiday gift buying, what are you getting for all of the dudes in your life? I'm always curious.


  1. I didn't make the pledge, but I've been thinking about this:

    A USB stick from legos?!? Only thing is, will I be allowed to raid our own lego stash for these, or will I have to buy more?

  2. Fun question!
    I do admit, before I took the pledge, I did get him some clothes. (non-handmade)
    But I bought some prints off of etsy. I also bought him this glass
    since he always has a glass of water around the house.
    It may be too cute for a guy, but he'll use it, b/c it's funny!
    hope that helps!

  3. I couldn't take the pledge because I always, always buy people books for Christmas, and because this year I'm getting my mother something she'll actually like -- and she likes Talbots. Ha. My boyfriend and I have decided not to spend too much this year so I'm getting him a Flickr Pro account (ha!) and this little print because it's totally his style:

  4. handmade screen printed stuff from 2 guys based in virginia...

  5. Oh and another thing: if he didn't already have a thing to put his laptop in, I'd get Geoff something from these guys: Their laptop wallets are really, really nice!

  6. all really great ideas! ..haha as for the lego hadn't occurred to me that you can keep building upon it and change it whenever you want haha


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