Thursday, November 15, 2007

So did you watch Project Runway last night? I was kinda dreading it..not really feeling up to dedicating myself if you know what I mean haha.. This season might have me hooked least I think I'll watch for more reasons than just the drama that the previous seasons provided in replacement for interesting designs (most of the time). This year everyone seems to have had something going on for them before the show, and that is more interesting to me right now. Do you have a favorite designer yet?


  1. I already love Christian!

    That kid has talent and he's only 21! What the heck.

    I was actually kinda bothered by the fact that most of these contestants already have established businesses... the show originally started out to "discover" designers and this almost seems like cheating. I realize there's a difference between having a biz and "making it big," but I think the stories of those like Christian or anyone just starting out in fashion will be more rewarding in the end than those who will just filter the money back into already-established labels.

    Phew! I'm excited, waited more than a year-- and who isn't happy to see the adorable Tim Gunn?


  2. Yes I did hook me totally!
    There is definatly much more talent across the board, and it will be interesting to see what they do next.
    I don't know names yet, but I was pretty happy with the top three! We'll see as the season continues!

  3. I just watched it (I had to download it because I don't have cable and Canada never gets it at the same time anyway -- it's not on Bravo here, which is weird, because Bravo is a Canadian company, or it was). I didn't care for the dress that won at all! I liked the colour but it wasn't too exciting. I was far more impressed with Christian -- he's only 21 and doesn't have a boutique! Anyway I am totally loving it so far; there are going to be lots of tears this season!

  4. Rach- I totally understand what you mean..but at the same time, it just seems like it's hard for them to find people who are super-spectacular, yet for some reason are undiscovered/not established/whatever haha. I'm excited to see where this season goes!

    Corinne- hahah Yeah it usually takes me two full episodes at least to get the names down. I think this season it will be hard to know what to vote off each episode!

    Anabela- Do you get the show once it is through in the U.S.? That is so weird to me, that they can't just show it.. Similarly, I think you guys get a lot of great home decor shows..maybe?? Any of ours here that are interesting seem to come from Canada! ...I didn't like that Grecian-thing dress either. Bland and has been done and just whatever. Christian kinda annoys me I think haha, but I think he'll have some great ideas.

  5. i really liked Christian as well.


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