Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am the biggest moron. I had no idea you could RSS feed Etsy shops. When did this even begin? I have totally noticed the icon but I guess it didn't ever phase me?? That is, not until tonight when something I wanted was sold out and I had that little thought bubble appear, "what if you could rss feed etsy shops?! HOW I WISH." and I was literally staring (but not focusing) on that RSS icon.
I've got so many shops I want to subscribe to! ...This is totally going to challenge the tight budget I'm on!
Click here if you'd like to subscribe to ; )


  1. Haha! I started subscribing to some shops (including yours!) but dang, it is like an onslaught of cute things to buy, and I can't buy them right now!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you read that, it's great isn't it?!

  3. oh man, i'm in trouble! this has got to be the coolest thing ever. i can't wait to subscribe to all my favorite shops!!

  4. Anabela - I am wondering if my brain did register the option to subscribe but knew it would be way too much temptation for me?? haha I really want to know when this feature began..

    decor8 - hahah yes it is honestly life changing! no wonder you get great scoops on items so quickly! once my spending budget gets bigger it is so on! ;) thanks for stopping by!

    jess - i'm so glad i am not the only one who wasn't aware haha. it's amazing!


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