Monday, April 28, 2008

So, Tuesday was the first official day that I felt back to normal. James came over and we just hung out and watched a movie. ..Friday I came downtown and on Sunday James became sick. AWFUL. So I'm at his place helping him. Not much for me to do while he sleeps. I don't have any materials here to get work done..and now my tummy is starting to feel squirmy but I can't tell if I'm getting sick again or if I'm just nervous about the things I have to get done. And the weather is back to being just crummy! Cold and rainy and possibly snow/freeze on the pavement. Not enjoyable. The weather has been so off since October! I can't remember when it was, either October or November, but we had a 70 degree day in there somewhere out of the blue.

I just hope James doesn't stay sick as long as I did. We both have a lot on our list of things to do right now. But maybe things happen for a reason.


  1. Hello friend! How have you been? Congrats on all your recent publicity! :) Sorry to hear you were sick, that is NO fun at all. I hope you get some new deer plaques soon, I can't wait to order one! &hearts

  2. hey pretty lady! your biz card templates look amazing! that is very exciting..

    i'm trying to get some deer plaques made asap actually.. i've had so many kinks thrown in my plans lately.

    it's great to hear from you!


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