Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had a very nice birthday weekend. Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes! Saturday was a nice little dinner with friends...Sunday, we all went to the flea market. It was a nice no stress flea market time, that seems to be the theme so far this year for me. I've gotten very good at being picky..though low vendor turn out is definitely helpful to my buying tendencies. It was the first time James has come with me to a flea market..pretty crazy. I usually just go with my mom. He and I and my brother went off on our own and I greatly enjoyed their company. Afterward we went home and got cleaned up for dinner, where my brother's girlfriend joined us. My current favorite restaurant in the suburbs is Montana Ted's. haha James thinks it's pretty funny..I guess because it's so rugged and meatfest sounding. Anyway, I love their house salad, hamburgers, and fries, annnnd they have the best cherry soda. It's all very delicious. Also it is owned by Ted Turner. Pretty hilarious. At least I'm amused by that. Dinner was followed by a very fun game of Pictionary in our backyard and ice cream pie.


This photo was taken the day after the Pictionary game, but my sweater bears a mark (on the left sleeve) of just how intense (and hilarious) the drawing got, and oh how the ink splattered.

So Monday was my actual birthday and James and I had a nice time together. We slept in and had a late lunch at the Southport Grocery. He and I have been meaning to go to this place for almost two years! It was really tasty..I had grilled brie and James had a really delicious omelete and we split a chocolate toffee scone that was really, really good. It's very cute inside (it was kinda windy to eat outside) and the staff was so nice, like, I was really blown away haha. I dunno, I guess I'm use to people either being just "whatever", not so friendly, or just plain rude. On our walk back to the car, James and I both simultaneously noted how genuine they all were and just plain nice..friendly. It was really refreshing and pleasant. We also brought back some scrumptious treats in a beautiful pink box (i'm saving the box)..


A chocolate cupcake and a s'more cookie. mmm James isn't always a cupcake person, but he absolutly loved his half (which was way more than half since he got to cut AND choose..jeeze).


Later that night we decided to take a walk through Millennium Park. Sometimes it's fun to pretend you are a tourist. We hadn't been to the park since it opened..I don't remember what year this was. It was fun. We watched kids play in the Crown Fountain..which smells of chlorine and really made me want to dive in a pool, especially on a warm night. I wish they'd mix it up a little and not only display the faces (which apparently they don't update)..I dunno. I'd like to see some bright patterns..

So yes, it was a very nice and relaxing birthday! Thanks again for all the well wishes!


    happy birthday, stupid

  2. looks like a nice time! i love your pictures! and i also loved your outfits! too cute. mind if i ask where you got your yellow cardigan? its just too cute! :)

  3. thanks ashley! i actually got it at target! was a little while ago though, but they often have newer versions of past items.. i wish i got two cos this one's seen better days!

  4. thx for your reply over on my blog...and happy belated birthday, btw!

  5. oooh! sounds delightful. a wonderful couple of days. ice cream pie! makes me wish my bday was in the summer.

  6. that sounds like the perfect day... I'll have to stop by Montana Ted's now, since you recommend it ;)


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